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Emergency Dentistry

Dental care is not always available when it is most needed – in an emergency. Gardner & Midgette do not expect patients to suffer in silence until an appointment becomes available. While we are a very busy practice, we will always endeavor to provide emergency dentistry for our patients. As part of that commitment, we encourage our patients to contact us in times of crisis. Regardless of previous scheduling conflicts, you can reach out to Gardner & Midgette for emergency dental support.

Contact our offices to find out if we can see you on short notice. When you come to Gardner & Midgette with an emergency, you will not be treated any differently than you would if it was a scheduled appointment. Our main objective is to provide you with only the highest level of dental care available in Richmond, VA. We will guide you through each stage of the process, from your first contact until you leave the dentist’s chair.

Urgent Dental Care

Accidents happen. Whether you are injured playing a sport, in a fall or experience severe dental pain for no reason at all, Gardner & Midgette is here to meet your dentistry needs. Our team of highly qualified dental professionals is on hand to assess your needs, determine the best course of action and get you the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Richmond Urgent dental care may include lost, cracked or broken teeth. However, you may need urgent dental care if you are suffering from severe tooth, gum or jaw pain. It is our job to advise you and treat you for the indicated need. We will provide expert advice over the phone and bring you into the office when your emergency necessitates treatment.

Whatever the case, you can rely on Gardner & Midgette to ensure you receive the best treatment available in urgent dental care. Our highly-trained team of dental professionals will treat you with the compassion and understanding you deserve. If we can provide you with same day dental treatment, we will do everything in our power to ensure we get your dental issues resolved in the shortest time possible. Contact our office right away if you have a dental emergency.