Important Dental Numbers And Periodontal Charting

When it comes to your dental care, it’s important to know a few key numbers that will help guide you to dental health. Numbers help track many things in life. Do you track your steps with a stepper that you wear around your wrist? Do you set your alarm in the morning taking into consideration […]
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The Symmetry Of Spring

Happy Spring to you! Isn’t it a glorious season of the year? It’s a time of new growth. Your eyes get filled with all of the beautiful new colors bursting forth in floral majesty. Your nose begins to smell the scents of new life and fresh cut grass. You can begin storing away your winter […]
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Your Dog’s Fascination With Your Saliva

We just celebrated National Pet day. Did you post a picture of your pooch on social media? Isn’t it fun scrolling through the pictures of all of the cute pets that belong to your friends? Are you an indoor or outdoor pet person? Are you a dog or cat lover, or both? Do you prefer […]
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