Dr. Brian Midgette will be joining the team with Dr. Gardner.

Starting September 10th, 2020, Dr. Brian Midgette will be joining the team.  He has successfully owned/operated his own practice for many years. Dr. Midgette will offer services including same day crowns (we’ll have a CEREC) as well as Invisalign. Click here to read Dr. Midgette’s full bio.

Fix Your Chipped Tooth, Boost Your Smile in Richmond, VA

With a set of naturally white teeth, well-aligned bite, and healthy gums, your smile is not far from perfect – but it could have been better if you let our local dentists in richmond, va at Gardner & Midgette repair that one chipped tooth in your upper teeth. Whatever is the cause of this damage […]
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Get to Know More about Sleep Apnea in Richmond, VA

What most people know about sleep apnea is that it can cause a person to snore loudly. However, it is essential for them to learn that not all snorers actually suffer from sleep apnea and that there are even non-snorers who happen to have the disorder. To simply explain the condition, there are two types […]
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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond, VA: Recovery Tips

Discomfort is the number one reason why one tries to avoid the wisdom teeth removal procedure. The misconceptions about the treatment leave a feeling of fear and anxiety to those who are recommended to undergo such. Fortunately, Gardner & Midgette has skilled dentists whose aim is to deliver the best dental health to patients in […]
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The Mysterious Facts About Bruxism in Richmond, VA

Dentists define bruxism as the habit of clenching and grinding the teeth. The signs of the said condition can be easily spotted; however, the reasons why people suffer from bruxism are somewhat a mystery. Compared to adults, children are more likely to experience bruxism. But they usually grow out of it once they lose all […]
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Can Mouth Bacteria Cause Systemic Infections? – Richmond, VA

Many people are terrified of bacteria, but who can blame them? These are known to be culprits of several complications that can affect not only a person’s physical health but oral condition as well. Did you know that millions or even billions of bacteria live in the mouth? That sounds scary indeed! Surprisingly, not all […]
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Celebrities’ Film-star Smile With Invisalign in Richmond, VA

Invisalign is the newest craze in the field of orthodontics dentistry today. No wonder a lot of people including celebrities rocked it; what made Invisalign standout is its ability to perfect someone else’s smile without affecting their physical appearance. It has proven to have a lot of edge among the other orthodontic braces options. It […]
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Dentures Deserve Care Too! – Richmond, VA

Proper denture care must be done to keep dentures clean and free of bacteria that might spread through the gums and mouth. There is no way to take your dentures for granted since failure in giving your dentures proper hygiene may lead to plaque build-up which can cause a more severe problem to the overall […]
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Facts And Benefits To Know About Teeth Whitening – Richmond, VA

People would like to achieve a more beautiful and brighter smile. This feat is attainable with the help of several dentistry procedures. Whiter teeth are easily possible thanks to the multiple dental treatments developed which can cater to each patient’s needs. However, some people want to achieve a brighter smile with the help of a […]
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